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Our mission is to improve access to education by building safe, well designed schools and learning spaces.


We start by getting to know the communities with which we work. Our team will embed themselves within the local context; to learn about the culture, vernacular architecture, materials and construction methods.

Community is at the heart of everything we do. 


We collaborate with communities in remote locations and join forces with those who aspire to keep and promote their architectural, cultural heritage.


Our team designs and builds schools in low resource settings, with the ultimate goal of improving access to well designed learning spaces, and removing the socio-economic barrier of having little to no schooling infrastructure.

All of the schools that we design and build represent the environmental, economical and cultural needs of the community. We take great pride in celebrating the use of local construction materials and techniques.


We want to make an important but discreet impact.

Our construction skills training programs and workshops empower local tradespeople and focus on gradually improving the quality of construction in the local area. This benefits the local community by promoting a transfer of knowledge and leaving a legacy of change.

CBC’s departure does not leave a skills vacuum, but instead results in greater opportunities for future employment elsewhere.


Our team specifically seeks to engage with projects that promote gender equity and improve access to education by building schools for girls and young women.

We strongly believe this is a route to making longer lasting change in regions where girls are underrepresented in education.


We also aim to include a high proportion of women in construction skills training, in the hope that this knowledge will be retained in the local community for generations to come.

Education should be free and accessible to all. However, around the world there are many communities without the necessary infrastructure to provide a basic education.

Community Beyond Construction is committed to changing this.


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