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Portfolio of Our Co-founders' Experience

Community Beyond Construction (CBC) works with communities to help design and build schools in low resource settings.

Our mission

is to improve access to education by building safe,

well designed schools and learning spaces, for those who have little to no schooling infrastructure.

We collaborate with communities in remote locations and join forces with those who aspire to keep and promote their architectural, cultural heritage. A school is not just a building. It is a safe place where learning and creativity is fostered, and it is also a stimulator of encounters and human relations within a community. We base our designs in vernacular architecture, so that the users can identify with and be comfortable in their surroundings.

CBC recognises the enhanced opportunity to make a greater lasting change in communities where girls and young women are disproportionately represented in education. We therefore, specifically engage with projects that help to improve access to education for girls and young women.

Education should be free and accessible to all.

However, around the world there are many communities without the necessary infrastructure to provide a basic education.

Community Beyond Construction is committed to changing this.

Community Beyond Construction bridges the technical knowledge gap between charities and aid organisations, and the ambitious construction projects that are often planned in low resource settings. Our team of Architects, Engineers and construction managers have the necessary skills to design, build and deliver projects in the most remote and challenging locations around the world.

Our founders

BETSAIDA, ANDREW and MARTINA, are three close friends and colleagues from design and construction professions, who met in 2018 and have since worked together on nonprofit school design and community construction projects. Over the years, their paths often converged with the intention of starting a nonprofit construction company that puts the needs of the community first.

Betsaida, Andrew and Martina founded Community Beyond Construction with a simple and clear goal: to improve access to schooling and equity in education around the world. They observed the need for this to be done in a more sustainable way; where the community is intrinsically involved in the decision making process, and empowered to operate and maintain the school long-term.

This portfolio is a collection of projects that our founders wish to highlight; showcasing their collective experience in planning, designing and building community infrastructure development projects in low resource settings. Community Beyond Construction was officially founded in 2021, yet the combined project experience of our team stretches back to 2015, spanning 11 countries across Africa, North America, South America, the Caribbean and Asia.

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