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· A school is a means to provide greater education opportunities to those in need ·

 · A construction project is a route to short-term employment and long-term skills development ·

· Architectural design is an instrument to showcase local heritage, culture and pride ·


Community Beyond Construction is where these three core principles come together, in collaboration with the local community.


Our founders have experience working in architectural and engineering design, anthropological research, and construction management. These three distinct professional perspectives make CBC what it is; allowing us to design, build and deliver quality projects whilst respecting the local community needs.


After working in the private sector and with other international NGOs, the founders of CBC identified an urgent need for change in the way projects are carried out in low resource settings. We believe that one of the key success factors to our projects is giving the community a voice, and empowering them as decision makers in the design process.


Community Beyond Construction wants to make a positive impact without creating a skills vacuum at then end of our projects. We accomplish this through sustainable project development and delivery, with a focus on construction skills training for local tradespeople and builders.


We also recognise the enhanced opportunity to make a greater lasting change in communities where girls are disproportionately represented in education, and therefore specifically engage with projects that help to improve access to education for girls.

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